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BLACKLAB is an outsource team, that produce premium quality digital character art for the entertainment industry, including assets for games, concept art, illustration, 3d print etc, full production cycle from concept, prototype and hi-poly to final result. 

   We know, creating content for the next-generation of gaming machines can be a backbreaking process for developers. The amount of assets required by these new state of the art games can break any budget! Assembling the team of artists is a tough job in itself, but occupying their time in between projects can be downright impossible. Not to mention, finding the resources to create a specific element of a game can often take longer than the task itself. 

   Using our resources allows the developer to do what they do best - create great games, instead of managing a room-full of artists. BLACKLAB has the experience to step in at any point in the process and produce top-notch art. Take a look at examples of character in our PORTFOLIO below:



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   BLACK LAB is always looking for talented and exceptional CHARACTER ARTISTS, to join our team, people with passion for games, enthusiasm and right attitude. We offer you competitive working conditions as well as a chance to work on the top level titles among ones of the best people in the industry. Tell us about your talent and get a chance to join our team.


- experience in game development as an artist specializing in character / organic modeling

- exceptional understanding of next generation asset creation pipelines and tools

- good understanding of form, shape, structure, and silhouette in regard to modeling

- superior eye for light, shade, color, and detail in creating PBR texture maps

- self-motivation, good communications skills and responsability

- ability to adopt to new tools and pipelines

   Please include your resume along with online portfolio with the best samples your of work


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   BLACKLAB STUDIO is founded by a digital artist, huge enthusiast in character creation, Vladislav Costin. Long time ago, a young boy, with a passion for drawing characters, was polishing his skills, first on school, and then, on University classes, until he get acquainted with world of 3D, what opened his eyes, and showed a new path in his life.
   Since 2007, when he started his professional career, he had been through different studious and projects, on senior and leading positions. Both, in house and as a freelance artist, working with game projects and 3D print of all kind complexities. Behind his back, are such companies like Crytek, Guerrilla Games - SONY, Creative Assembly - SEGA. With all gathered experience, he knows how to build and manage an art team that can process and produce high end quality art.

Vladislav Costin - founder